When we meet a new client
we assess whether their needs can be perfectly matched
by our services
Our referral process is an important part of our commitment to the individual care of our clients.
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We understand that settling into a new environment can be a challenging time, but we also know that by thoroughly understanding an individual’s care needs we can make a huge difference in their happy transition, ongoing development and overall quality of life. That’s why we work with them to complete their own care plan that will be a guide for us to provide support that fits their needs.

Individual care is a fundamental promise and is what makes Milewood’s care so unique.
Principle Values

Warmth and friendship
Milewood homes are places where you see excellent interaction between staff and clients with close friendships developing between the clients themselves. Friendship and interaction with others is an important part of life in the community and that is why we provide the environment that encourages this to happen naturally.

Optimism and future
It’s important to work towards a future of improvement and enrichment. Even if the steps are small and the journey is long, with optimism on your side the future is a place worth going.

We are open and honest with each other and with ourselves. This allows us to acknowledge weaknesses and learn lessons from past experience.
We encourage initiative and new ideas at all levels. We start from the viewpoint that all our staff can contribute to our goals and are given the freedom to do so.

Every employee has clear responsibilities and feels personally accountable for these, and we never make excuses or seek to ‘pass the buck’.

We believe that working relationships must be based on mutual respect between individuals and that respect also extends to lines of authority and company policies.

Trust is an essential foundation of any relationship and is the cornerstone of good teamwork. We depend upon our colleagues and they depend upon us – it’s that simple.