Our philosophy of care
builds confidence

Milewood clients are encouraged to decide for themselves what they do, when they do it and are given plenty of opportunities to get out with their carers and experience new things. We also encourage them to pursue new interests that provide enrichment for their lives and where appropriate build their confidence to have independent lives in the future.

Milewood Healthcare is committed to providing the best possible care for our clients. This is set out in our clients Charter, which promises to respect the individuals’ rights, namely:

Rooms are private and clients have the right to be undisturbed if they wish. Staff must always knock before entering a room.

Clients have the right to lead an independent life, as far as possible, and we will endeavor to meet individual needs and preferences.
We promise that our staff will at all times show sensitivity and respect for our clients.

As far as possible, clients may choose what they want to do each day; when to get up or go to bed, what activities to join in and what to eat or drink.

Care Plans
Care Plans play a significant role in ensuring we meet the individual needs of clients. Our approach encourages each individual to maximise his or her physical and mental potential.

Quality is of paramount importance and care standards are constantly monitored through clients and relatives’ feedback, as well as through regular and comprehensive audits.
Complaints are an important source of feedback and we encourage clients and staff to tell us about anything that they feel is unsatisfactory – a full response is promised and concluded within 28 days.

Quality Staff members are encouraged to develop their professional skills and maintain the highest standards, through a process of assessment and training which ensures “best practice” at all times.

Our Homes
Our homes all aim to provide a safe and pleasant environment where activities and interests can be pursued and clients are able to feel.

To ensure our clients are receiving the care and support they deserve, we regularly ask them and their visitors how they rate every aspect of life in our homes. The results of these questionnaires can be downloaded here.
An independany life in a caring and supportive environment