We recognise our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment and abide by the following principles: Waste Management
We identify and implement opportunities for resource/waste reduction and recycling. All waste materials from our homes are managed in line with relevant statutory requirements.

Energy Use
We identify ways to reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency within the homes and implement appropriate changes.

Water Use
We identify ways to reduce water consumption and waste in our homes.
CO2 Emissions
Prudent use of vehicles and home heating in Milewood Homes helps reduce CO2 production.

Toxic Substances
Toxic substances in homes and gardens are carefully monitored and controlled.

Electrical/Other Equipment
We source and use energy-efficient equipment wherever possible.
Building Waste
Building wastes are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Potentially dangerous substances are stored safely.

We assess and minimise risk of contamination to waterways.